We don’t do hard sell.

It’s important that our clients are a good match for us and that you have a design team that is a good fit for you.

We do care about relationships and quality of work.

Whether you need a simple leaflet to advertise an event, upgrading of your website to take advantage of evolving technologies or a strategic brand identity overhaul, we give you the same care, creative endeavour and attention to detail.

We have a six step approach:

1. Initial discussion
We ask questions about your business, the project, the deadline, your experience of buying creative services, your budget and what you hope to achieve. This helps both parties to decide if we are a good fit for each other. If so, we go on to Step 2.

2. Discovery meeting
We discuss your project in more detail. We ask about your products/services, the target audience, your competitors, your unique strengths, organisational goals and your existing brand identity. We also ask practical questions such as who will write the copy and where any images will be obtained. We then provide you with an outline estimate of the project scope and estimate of costs.

3. Rough estimate
This is our interpretation of your brief and recommendations for the scope of the project (listing objectives and deliverables) and a rough estimate of the project budget. You are free to decline further engagement at this point.

4. Proposal and Statement of Work
If the rough estimate is acceptable to you, we will provide a more detailed definition of our services. They would include a project overview, project phases, rounds and revisions, deliverable definitions, estimated project duration, budget, payment terms and T&Cs. This would form a binding contract between us. By signing this document, you agree to engage our services on the terms outlined in the proposal and statement of work.

5. Creative design, development and delivery
This is where all the creative work outlined in the Proposal and Statement of Work is fulfilled. This is a collaborative process and we would work closely with you, checking that each step is in line with your objectives and expectations.

6. Feedback and evaluation
At the end of the project we ask for feedback on your experience and the quality of the end product. We invite you to be honest so that we can continue to give great customer service and creative design that fulfils the intended objectives  of our clients.


An organisation’s visual footprint can include many different elements: a logo or family of logos; typeface; website(s); printed materials; colour palette; social media presence; signage and any visual manifestation of the brand identity. We can help with the design of any or all of these. We can also advise on your overall brand identity to ensure alignment with your organisation’s core values and to help you to manage the public perception of this.